The only 100% Owner Operator focused company in the market you will find!

2H$ Flash Daily Payments Offer

Our Mission is Helping Owner Operators Move Up the Social Ladder Faster and Reach Financial Independence and Control!

We are in a people business, not trucking! It’s easy to forget that truck drivers are the ones on whose backs all businesses flourish. We never forget! We are proud of our family style culture and take good care of our drivers and customers! You are not just a number with us, you are us!

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LoadEx is a 100% Owner Operator focused company

We are based out of Dallas, Texas and have been in business since 2019. We focus 100% on working with Owner Operators and truck owners across the United States. We have hundreds of owner operators working for us and yet we do not treat you as a number. We pride in knowing the names of each one of our drivers and even their loved ones! We wake up and go to bed with a belief that we are as good as our drivers and customers!

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Top Trucking Company in US 2022
Owner Operators focused Trucking Company in US

We invite Owner Operators to join our fleet! If you own your truck and / or trailer, you can grow your fleet and profits with us. We guarantee you the following:

  • Multiple load boards and strong, established relationships with the biggest names in the industry;
  • 100% honest rate confirmation shared with our drivers, no place for BS;
  • Zero-fee advanced fuel cards and discounts;
  • 2H$ Flash Daily Settlement plan, no chargebacks;
  • Same-day, unlimited cash advance;
  • 24/7 back office support, all US based with 50+ years of combined transportation industry experience;
  • Most of our drivers make between $150,000 - $250,000 / year;
  • Residual income model based Driver Referral Program.
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We offer the following terms

ShowMeTheMoney! Driver (SMTM)

You Run Under Our Authority. Main Focus - High-Gross, High-Margin Profit, Proactive Dispatching, Let’s Show You Money!

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I Set the Tone Driver (ISTD)

You Run Under Your Authority Main Focus - Driver Flexibility, No Forced Dispatch

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